Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Time Has Come

Well, it's almost time to move back to Chicago. We have about one month left in Colombia. I have to finish up the school year, pack up my classroom, sell most of my things at home, pack, go to all the doctors one last time, cancel all my utilities, say my goodbyes, and also take care of Joaquin. The last part is easy, he's so much fun and has the cutest little personality that I'm just beginning to discover. Oh, yeah, I also have to find a job. But, back to my little bundle of fun, Joaquin. Cesar and I have been playing peek a boo with him and now he's even initiating the game. Yesterday, he was holding a kleenex box in front of his face, then moving it to the side and cracking up when he saw our faces. It was pretty adorable. He already has two teeth and is crawling like a champ. He even has started dancing when he hears music. Who cares that it was to a Huey Lewis video that was playing on VH1?

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Becky B said...

So nice to see you post! And I ADORE that picture of baby J. He is an absolute doll. When you have time, please drop me a note and fill me in on your move back to our fab city. Can't wait to see you all soon!